Business consultant and trainer

Hello! My name is Isabelle Roche, and my passion for business coaching stems from my own experience as an independent entrepreneur.

My coaching journey has deep roots in my personal business path. Once, I too faced many challenges and difficulties as I navigated the world of entrepreneurship. I understood how easy it is to get lost in the maze of business decisions and how crucial support is in building relationships with clients, employees, and business partners. These experiences sparked in me a desire to help others overcome similar obstacles.

With the experience and knowledge I gained, I decided to dedicate myself to business coaching. I believe that true strength lies in the ability to support others in discovering their potential and charting paths to success.


As a business coach, I specialize in working with independent entrepreneurs, helping them build strong business foundations, develop success strategies, and communicate effectively with clients.

My goal is not only to help my clients achieve their business goals but also to create harmony between their professional and personal lives.

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I am constantly evolving, learning new techniques and strategies to better support my clients in realizing their business dreams. If you’re looking for a mentor who will guide you through the sea of business challenges and inspire you to achieve success, then you’ve come to the right place.

I invite you to collaborate with me!