Yes, I’m the Crazy Ex!

What kind of mother would just leave the father of her children without warning and refuse to fix her marriage? You hate me! You think I’m an awful and selfish human. You have no idea what kind of poison you have been drinking from his words. Let me save you from being a proxy abuser.

He told you I ran off with my lover and left him to dry. What he really meant to say is that I left to save the sanity of the one person I should love the most in the world — me! And with my complete “no contact, he is left with no ways to continue manipulating and abusing me. This lack of control over his victim is killing his narcissistic ego.

He told you I took everything and left him with nothing. What he meant to say is that he spent years living off me, taking from me, and using me for his needs. With me gone, he can no longer sleep all day, cheat all night, and financially abuse me.

He told you I’m constantly harassing him and refusing to move on. What he meant to say is that I have a restraining order on him and he can’t come near me so he’s going to use you to contact me and stir some dramas to get my reactions. It’s the only way he can continue to abuse me without breaking the law.

He told you I’m using our kids as a weapon against him. What he meant to say is that he’s a fake ass shitty father and his kids are sick of dealing with his fake alligator tears. They’re finally recovering from PTSD and are no longer tolerating his childish mind games. All he can do now is try to play the victim and hope you help him punish the victims who got away.

He told you he loves me so much and I betrayed him. What he meant to say is that he “loves” abusing and using me so much, and he’s angry I left.

He told you I’m jealous of his new life and I’m making trouble for him. What he meant to say is that he’s unhappy with his life and can’t deal with the fact that I’m happy without him. Since he can no longer disturb me, he needs you as a messenger to stir up trouble.

He told you he’s an empath and I’m a crazy sociopath who’s constantly making troubles for him. What he meant to say is that he has no clue what it means to be an empath but the term really boost his ego so he’s going to use it to play the victim. tell you and make the me the abuser. After all, people like empaths a lot more than a sociopath. Real empaths don’t go around telling people they are empaths. They just are!

The next time you hear another story about a crazy ex, think twice and learn the truth before you start harassing the victim. You may hate abuser but you are one .

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