What It Really Means to be a “Feminist”

It’s not about hating men, being spoil ass brats, or killing babies. When our founding mothers

Our founding mothers would have strokes if they knew

Long ago, before idiots turned the term, “feminist” into something our founding mothers would find it hard to breath, it was simple

Women’s rights isn’t about being spoil ass brats! It’s about being treated as human. What’s really twisted is that you don’t see anything wrong with being slaves. Women in the 1800s and early 1900s didn’t work outside the home because they were slaves and didn’t have rights. They also didn’t complain about anything because they were scared to death that they would be killed. If you read history, women who stood up and asked to be treated as human were burned at the the city center as witches.

Feminist or women’s rights isn’t about killing your babies, hating men, or being all bad and greedy. It is about asking to be given the rights to live as a human without fear or persecution. You think everything is fine. I suggest you go and explore the world a little more. Try going to a country where you’re put in jail for getting raped (even if you’re only 10 years old), or your husband has the rights to beat you in public for not covering your entire body in multiple sheets in a 100 degree temperature. Open your mind and your world might change. The world isn’t like what you see every day on TV, or in your local community. We have wives getting cut into pieces for cooking a dish her husband didn’t find satisfying, or acid thrown in a woman’s face because her boyfriend didn’t want other men looking at her.

Having the rights to vote, own property, and make a decent income are not given rights. Women died and bleed for those rights so you can have them. Don’t confuse feminist with egoistic freaks who are using the term for their own greed. Feminist is the reason why you as a woman is able to live as a human.

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